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The company sells high-quality new and used parts for various brands of trucks.



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  • Volvo ECAS pneumo suspension control units
  • Volvo Engine control units
  • Volvo engine parts
  • Volvo Adblue system
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Long-term experience

„Nika Service“ new, used and refurbished RENAULT, VOLVO truck parts, cabs, body parts, truck tanks, gearboxes, electrical systems and other parts.

„Nika Service“ offers its customers a very wide selection of parts used in RENAULT, VOLVO and other brands of tractors, trucks, trucks and dump trucks.

Trusted name

All parts purchased at the company can be installed and replaced on site. All sold engines or other units can be inspected at the service center.

New and refurbished parts for trucks and tractors meet the technical standards of the manufacturers and ensure reliable operation. Parts that „Nika Service“ does not have in place can be ordered from our partner in Europe.