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Soon, as always - unexpectedly - winter will come. Some truck owners can wait for it calmly, because they know that their transport is prepared for the cold period, others may remember about it too late... To prevent this from happening, the specialists of Nika Service, a company that has been on the market for many years, remind:

Use only suitable (ie winter) quality fuel. When the fuel freezes, the car simply stops. Another important part of the fuel system is the filters. Modern tractor fuel supply systems have several of them: a primary or rough cleaning filter, which filters larger impurities and binds the remaining water in the diesel, and a secondary fuel filter, which collects external impurities of smaller diameter. The quality of the latter filter largely depends on how efficiently the engine will work, so it is very important to change both fuel filters on time, and when driving to particularly harsh areas, it is worth having a set of spare fuel filters.

The low pressure pump is one of the main components of the fuel supply system. It ensures that fuel at the appropriate pressure reaches the injectors. If the pump is worn, the pressure is too low and too little fuel enters the injectors. The engine runs erratically or may stop altogether. The difficulty is that it will not be possible to solve such a problem "on the way", so when the tow truck stops, it will have to be transported to the service station. To avoid this, it is recommended to check the pressure in the fuel supply system as winter approaches.

Before winter, it is necessary to check the fuel supply system of the tractor: the tightness of the fuel line, to make sure that the hoses are not leaking, that the manual fuel pump is working, that no air has entered the system, that the fuel injectors and the low-pressure fuel pump are working well. These links of the fuel system play a particularly important role in the operation of the engine. Failure in them, especially in winter, when the weather turns cold and the temperature drops well below zero, is a big concern. We recommend checking the operation of the entire fuel supply system as winter approaches.

There may be some water left in the fuel tank, so when cold weather approaches, it is recommended to at least check the tank, and in case of suspicion, clean it. On the other hand, preventive cleaning of the tank will not hurt either. It's no secret that not only moisture accumulates in the tanks, but also various sediments in the fuel, so the cleaner the tanks are, the better the tractor engines will work.

Always remember about the tires and their condition. Does your avi tractor and semi-trailer have the right tires with the right tread? In the case of bad or unsuitable tires on even one axle of the vehicle, the situation can develop in such a way that the tractor or semi-trailer becomes uncontrollable, thus endangering not only other road users, but also everyone in the vicinity of the multi-ton vehicle.

Do you know what your truck's brakes are and how efficient the braking system is? Can they effectively stop not only the tractor, but also the semi-trailer? And how will the setup behave on a slippery or snowy road, where stopping distance becomes especially important? In order to avoid such questions, you should not forget to check the brake system before winter. This can be done both on the brake bench and in real conditions in a safe environment. If the brake pads are worn out and the tractor does not brake efficiently or unevenly, when winter approaches, you should spare money and fix this, one of the most important systems. Drivers and owners of car sets should pay special attention to this, because the number of wheels has a direct influence on the braking efficiency of the set, so it would be very sad if any of the wheels would lock or stop braking at the right moment.

When the weather gets cold, how the equipment of the main electrical systems of the car works becomes very important. Only the smooth operation of these systems allows you to avoid possible problems on the road and unexpected technical problems, so before winter, make it a habit to check the condition of the tractor's batteries and assess their performance in particularly cold weather conditions. It is also necessary to check how the generator of the electrical system works, whether it is effectively charging the battery, which is particularly heavily loaded in the cold period. The condition of the heating equipment in the tractor cabin is also important. Check the operation of the window blowing device and the additional autonomous cabin heater that ensures the desired air temperature in the driver's work and rest area. Stagnant operation of the aforementioned systems and devices does not allow the driver to not only rest properly, but also work.

When the tractor is operated where there is a lot of snow, it is necessary to take care of additional measures that allow to successfully overcome half-snows and snow accumulations. One such tool is the chains hanging on the driving wheels, which help to overcome half-timbered and unclean roads. You should also always have traditional folk tools at hand - a shovel and a bag of gravel.

Also, don't forget to change the tractor's operating fluids to winter ones, check the condition of the wiper blades, lamps i

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